Why Us?

We take the confusion out of your treatment plan, preparing all our clients a detailed report of findings package. Often when people visit a Myotherapist they leave feeling confused and overwhelmed, not knowing what direction their treatment plan is heading in. At Myofit Peninsula we provide you a personalised report of findings package, so you clearly understand your condition and the steps involved in helping you reach optimal health and wellbeing.

You might be thinking that our prices are expensive. Many of our clients once thought the same thing. What they found was that our maintenance plans saved them both time and money in the long –term, and helped them avoid crisis-care scenarios where multiple treatments can be required in a short space of time.

All our practitioners are registered and governed by the Myotherapy Association Australia (MAA) – this is your guarantee that we have completed tertiary studies in Myotherapy and must adhere to strict ongoing professional development (PD). A minimum of 30 hours PD is required over a 2 year cycle, ensuring skills and knowledge is kept up to date. If practitioners fail to do this -health fund recognition will cease.