I had immediate relief from my pain and a short and long term plan was put in place to get the desired results. It’s structured and effective. A real benefit is the education I receive. I refer others as I feel its client focussed and will improve an individual’s health.

Brendan, Business Manager, Mt Eliza m

I am seeing results from my treatment and being able to have a family friendly space where I can relax whilst my child is happy and safe. It’s a very professional level of care with aftercare instructions. I have had many treatments from health professionals over the years and find Josh to be highly informative, professional and aware of muscular injuries and how to cure and prevent them from getting worse. Thankyou!

Leah, Teacher, Frankston South

I really like the explanations and clarification about what might be the causal effects of imbalances and tension build-ups

Anonymous, Designer, Mt Eliza

A big benefit is Myofit’s management plans to prevent flare-ups and acute problems

Anonymous, Designer, Mt Eliza m

I would definitely recommend Myofit Peninsula for their expertise and knowledge. They’re skilled and caring practitioners with great understanding of the body and its workings

Anonymous, Designer, Mt Eliza