Joshua Fita


Josh completed his studies in 2007, graduating from RMIT University with the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy. Former Head of Soft Tissue Therapy for the Greater Melbourne Volleyball Academy (GMVA), treating and managing both state and national level junior Volleyballers.

Josh has a special interest in the treatment and rehabilitation associated with sporting injuries, in particular golf. Being a keen golfer himself allows Josh to fully understand the physical demands and injuries that many golfers suffer from. His sound knowledge of the golf swing allow Josh to advise patients on biomechanical issues that may be causing people harm. Josh is interested in the proactive preventative and wellness model of care and it is this model he endorses with his clinical work.

Josh is an accredited member of Myotherapy Australia (formerly IRMA) and regularly attends seminars related to Myotherapy.

In his spare time Josh enjoys playing golf and spending time with his daughter Ava.


MariaA_1x1Maria Phillips


Maria joins us having completed a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Myotherapy from the Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Maria has been honing and practising her soft tissue skills since early 2010 and has a range of experience in many different fields. Having worked in private practise previously and also a stint at the Alfred Hospital where she began to develop a special interest in helping patients recovering from surgery or injuries.

Maria enjoys treating chronic pain conditions and in particular the effect that the body’s own connective tissue – the fascia, plays in these conditions. Fascia is something that really excites Maria and after researching and reading books by world renowned Fascia guru Thomas Myers she is very passionate about this area and loves to talk and show people how fascia can affect the body.

Maria brings a holistic approach to her treatments; she treats people of all ages and abilities and has a very caring approach. Soft tissue therapy, dry needling, cupping, joint mobilisation and corrective exercises are integrated into her treatments and neural stretching is a component that Maria is adopting more and more in her clinical approach.

Further to her Bachelor Degree, Maria has completed additional training in Kinesiology taping, Dry needling, Vacuum cupping and electro-needling.

Maria is a registered Myotherapist with Myotherapy Australia and continual development and up skilling through ongoing professional development is a regular part of maintaining a Myotherapy Australia membership.




Gemma Carlyle


We are excited to announce that Gemma Carlyle will be joining us in early August to further add to our Myotherapy team. Gemma brings over 10 years experience as a practising Myotherapist. With a background in competitive cycling, Gemma began her career as a Myotherapist after experiencing enormous success through her own Myotherapy treatment after several sporting injuries.  This eye opening experience developed into a passion and career. Gemma initially worked with an International Pro Cycling team at the Herald Sun Tour and then progressed to a personal training studio in Beaumaris where she worked closely with personal trainers; providing treatment, stretching classes & advice to clients who were able to benefit from combined personal training and myotherapy. Gemma has also worked in Osteopathic clinics where she developed experience in sporting injuries & paediatric care.

Just before the birth of her third beautiful child, Gemma, her husband Cam and their two gorgeous children moved to the Peninsula where they have been enjoying all that it has to offer for the past 2 years. Gemm
a is now ready to return to work, and is very excited to be developing her career in this beautiful environment.  Gemma’s primary focus as a Myotherapist is to provide complete soft tissue therapy care, including self help techniques focused around stretching tailored to an individual’s needs.  Gemma has a special interest in pre & postnatal care, where through her own personal experience of having three children, she can provide nurturing treatment to expectant and new mothers.

I look forward to meeting everyone here at Lotus where I hope to share my knowledge & skills and to develop relationships for the years to come.”


Tim Rogan (picture to come)


Tim completed his Bachelor Degree in Health Science- Musculoskeletal Therapy (Myotherapy) which he attained at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. Tim joins the team, having recently re-located down to the Mornington Peninsula with his wife and 2 boys.

Tim has a keen interest in the treatment of sports/exercise related injuries along with headaches/migraines and neuropathic pain (nerve pain). He will undertake a thorough testing regiment in order to fully understand the presenting issue and will use a wide range of techniques in order to treat the problem.

In his spare time, you will find Tim spending time with his family, watching sport, or talking about sport.. He also enjoys regular running and swimming.